Eco conception

Bioret corp is a player in the interregional circular economy. Our commitment to eco-design and recycling allows us to limit the consumption of non-renewable energy, save raw materials and protect the environment. We are involved in protecting natural resources and developing new economic assets. In 2015 our production company named STC was awarded with the "EcoMundo - ECODESIGN" label.

We are a member of the "Eco-mobilier" network, which is a non-profit eco-organisation created in December 2011 for the collection and recycling of used furniture. This sector is financed by the implementation in France of the eco-tax on the purchase of new furniture since 1ᵉʳ May 2013. Since 2013, the sector has been in charge of the collection, sorting, recycling and recovery of used furniture and mattresses. To these products, duvets and pillows were added in 2018. Those missions are financed by an eco-participation fee paid by each consumer when they buy one of the new products that they take care of.

Their eco-organisation is a unique model, which has no equivalent in Europe at the moment, in terms of both scope and mission. At the creation in 2011, more than half of used furniture were landfilled and only 23% were recycled. At the end of their first approval in 2017, more than 90% of used furniture were recycled into new materials or recovered into energy. In 5 years, from 2013 to 2017, more than 1 million tonnes of used furniture were collected for recycling or recovery. In 2018, they collected 686,000 tonnes of used furniture, 94% of which were recovered, including 57% recycled. The Eco-mobilier sector has deployed nearly 5,000 collection points across France to make it easier for everyone. In order to promote the reuse of used furniture in good condition and thus contribute to the virtuous circle of the circular economy, Eco-mobilier is today a partner of more than 420 associations and integration companies committed to reuse and recycling. Bioret Corp in its STC factory recycles latex mattresses in order to give them a second life as underlays for animal comfort.



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